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A more "advanced" treatment plan

Advanced treatment systems differ from conventional systems in a number of ways. The primary difference is that they further treat the wastewater before it is dispersed to the soil environment. Advanced treatment systems incorporate carefully designed treatment steps and create conditions to facilitate a consistently high degree of treatment.


Many advanced treatment systems control flow through the system using pumps and timers to avoid overloading the treatment and final dispersal components during periods of high water usage, or “peak flow” conditions. These conditions could occur during a morning rush of activity or when many guests are in the home.

Consider a healthier option

The treatment provided by the advanced treatment system serves to further reduce the “strength” of the wastewater, or the solids, fats, oils and greases (FOG) that are suspended in the effluent. This step may also contribute to reductions in pathogens and/or nutrients in the wastewater depending on the design and configuration of the system.


Systems that function to reduce nitrogen generally recirculate the effluent back to the septic tank or to a separate recirculation step where raw effluent and treated effluent are mixed, creating conditions that facilitate the removal of nitrogen by beneficial bacteria.


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